BulKSMS Use Case- e-commerce

In this case of e-commerce, BulkSMS is highly required and recommended for an engagement that would result in sales.

The use of our  BulkSMS platform is most cost-effective when compared to other engagement platforms out there.

If you have sales going on, text message marketing provides services to enhance the sales reaching out to a large number of people for awareness of deals on goods or products available for sale. You can embed links to direct users to a specific page on your website – your landing page with more information about your offer. Or you can link them directly to your products – so they add it to chart and buy.

In terms of engagement measurement of ROI, our BulkSMS platform give a clear report on how many delivered, failed, pending or rejected. So your sales team can make an informed decision based on such reports. This way your business can measure what best for your engagement.

Easy access to your customer’s opinion to have their questions answered by making sure there is customer support staff ready to answer any given question by the use of BulkSMS is also another benefit – since most customers may want to engage on instant text massaging system rather than the being bombarded via the email system.


Abut 6.3 billion messages are read every 3munites!

In conclusion, you can simply be on the mind of your existing user or prospect using BulkSMS since they will surely open and read your messages.

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