BulkSMS Use Case – Church

In this BulkSMS use case, we would be looking at the use of BulkSMS in Churches.

The church could be faced with the challenges of sending out quick updates, notification and reminders of members in a busy society where everything else is taking the attention of its faithful members – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes. But with the adoption of customized BulkSMS reminders about service days,  youth groups reminders, sermon reminders,  general announcement, prayer request, daily bible services, vows renewal reminders, etc. as a means of communication would not only help the church communicate quickly and properly, it will help create a top-of-the-mind awareness in their members for everything going on weekly.

With our application, you can store up in phone books the membership database for quick access. And at the point of sending messages, you can select the option of sending to such phonebook.

Using BulkSMS effectively as a church would mean members are always in the know of what updates and are well engaged.

Additionally, members would have a sense of belonging when they receive personalised messages on their phone from the church or the Pastor.

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