How To Send Bulk SMS – Part 1

Hello everyone!

I’m going to show you how to send BulkSMS on our platform.  Sending BulkSMS is easy!
The following steps will show you how:

Step 1.

Register an account:-
The first thing you’ll do is to visit and click on Get Started to  create your PenSMS account
Screenshot below.

Fill in your personal account details as appropriate, then click on register now and bingo! You have a new account!              Check your email for the verification code and verify your account.

Step 2.
Login to your PenSMS account, by filling in your username and password then  click log in

Step 3.

it would redirect you to your dashboard.

Click on Messaging, then it shows Send Professional Campaign Under it, you’ll see
Destination country: The list of countries you can to send to.
Sender ID: the name you want your receiver to see.
Recipients: under this, you can either type the numbers, upload it or use phonebook  {the save numbers you’ve sent to }
Message: type in your message. Click send a message.
you can also save your message as a draft.

Click on this part2 article on how to send bulk SMS


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