New Year, Better Business Marketing Approach Tips

2017 is been a wonderful year for business using mobile marketing. Mobile adoption yet saw a surge the past 12 months. From stats, the estimated mobile users globally increased now over 8Billion mobile phone in the world. Outnumbering the world’s population at 7.6 Billion.  While in Nigeria with 8 operators and 151.8 million mobile connections of the 186 million population. More mobile phone than there’re humans certainly! 

Adopting text messaging for your mobile marketing (BulkSMS & VoiceSMS) is now a yes or lose the game.

Planning your marketing year 2018 is very crucial to the success of your business. You can make an informed decision on ways to go by checking your sales funnel for 2017.
What marketing channel racked in a lot of sales or feedbacks for your business?

If you already started using our text messaging services for your marketing, you can pull up a report for the whole year or do for specific campaigns, analyse them and draw out a strategy.
I’m highlighting some tips to help you make the most of your mobile marketing in 2018.

1. Create A List

The first thing to do is to segment the phone numbers of your customer base. Using our AddressBook & Marketing List will help you separate your contact-base or list into groups and you can keep updating this as you progress.

2.  Monitor Best Conversion Time
When is the best time to send your Message? There isn’t a rule of the thumb when it comes to timing for best conversion.  Every campaign is unique as well as the marketing list. You have to do A/B testing to find out what works best for your kind of campaign.
In A/B testing, you create say two list A & B. You send the same campaign out to the two list at different times, then see the delivery reports. Then you can decide when is the best time to send your message. People tend to read their message early hours of the day, briefly during lunchtime and then after work

3. The Copy Must Be Catchy 
The success of your messaging campaign is largely hinged on your copy. You can send your marketing campaign to sky-high when you know how to write great copy. The rule is:  “short and direct is better” Messaging is direct enough. don’t use too many texts. You can always send messages in batches instead sending the wholesome.

4. Use Spellbound Sender ID
Our messaging services allow you use unique sender IDs. And you can make it Alphanumeric (numbers and letters ). Since the length is a maximum of 11 characters. You can’t offend in this. But use IDs that say what the campaign is about. To build trust and credibility, you can always use your company’s name if not over 11 Character. But avoid using any sender ID that may be flagged as spam by telcos spam filters.

5. Engagement
Last but not least important – engagement! I can’t scream it loud enough… You’ve got to keep the campaign going until the result speaks. Engagement isn’t on sending SMS without break! No! That will send your campaign to hell! You can send in intervals, ie, give some time – maybe three times daily.

It depends though – if it’s a promo and you have expiration time for it, sending over three times isn’t back; since the campaign is ending soon. But engagement rule is: keep it going and don’t stop. May just be once daily for a whole week or a month – for a particular campaign before you change the campaign.

If you’ve had a marketing new year’s resolution – get this in there and TAKE ACTION! And if you haven’t, use this as a template and thank us later…

It’s going to be the successful year 2018.

Drop us some comments if you have questions or feedback on this.

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