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Our unique infrastructure makes us, unlike any other provider. Our fast reliable gateway ensures instant delivery to all network. With a global coverage of 760 mobile networks in almost 212 countries and still counting. We ensure your experience is hassle free!

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Free Account Setup

Creating an Enterprise or a Reseller account is FREE. No software installation required, but completely a web-based, high-tech user-friendly interface application. You get  FREE BulkSMS or VoiceSMS unit on registration to test our services.

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Affordable Pricing

We maintain unbeatable pricing plans so you could run marketing campaigns, business seminar alerts, job/vacancy alerts & lots more. Our seasonal promos & flat rate of 1 unit to all GSM networks enables you to run massive mobile campaigns.

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Global Services For Your Business!



About us

We are a web-based Application-to-person (A2P) service provider. Our range of services includes - Bulk SMS, Voice SMS, VAS provisioning, Numbers lookup & Cleanup and more. We have a global coverage of over 760 mobile networks in almost 212 countries and still counting. We are innovative and always searching new ways to improve our customer service experience. Read more 


Mobile: +234(0)8114378209 (NGN)
Email: sales@pensms.com | support@pensms.com 
Skype: Pensms

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